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Oyster Fishing
Andy Riches tending to the Oyster beds onboard the fishing boat The Misty. The Oyster beds lie off Whitstable on the north Kent coast, and have been fished for hundreds of years stretching back to Roman times.
Everyday Andy dredges for Oysters, either natives or pacifics tending and maintaining these beds to keeping the stocks at a sustainable level.
• The native oyster usually inhabits water depths of between 8 and 25 feet.
• An oyster's mature shape often depends on the type of bottom to which it originally attached.
Oysters Dredged from the sea bed have to be graded for size and type before bringing them ashore
• Oysters usually mature by one year of age but are not ready for the table until 3 years. They are protandric, which means that during their first year they spawn as males
as they grow larger over the next two or three years and develop greater energy reserves, they release eggs, as females.
Oysters on the dockside
at Whitstable harbour